My Swagbucks earnings ~ 03/27/2020

I was able to complete my first goal and second goal! I love when I can do both!

Don’t forget to fill in your Swago Board!

*Please note that these offers are what worked for me. These are offers will not be available for everyone and will not work for everyone*

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Daily Poll

1 swagbuck – Today’s Poll

Swag Codes

4 swagbuck Code
3 swagbuck Code


12 Swagbucks Search win
5 Swagbucks Search win

Hidden Under Referrals

3 Swagbuck Ncrave hidden under referrals
2 Swagbuck NCrave hidden under referrals
2 swagbuck Ncrave hidden under referrals


3 – 1 swagbuck survey disqualification
3 swagbuck survey
11 swagbuck survey
40 swagbuck survey

Discover – All offers- Sort: Min to Max

4 swagbucks Savewith.coupons Printout
1 swagbuck smart search now
1 swagbuck smart search now
1 swagbuck Free Printable Coupons

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