How I feed my family of 5 on $85 a week with a money saving menu plan!

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Two of my kids head back to school this week. Things will start to get back to a normal routine. Our grocery bill got way out of control over the summer. We had a lot of extra snacks, last minute quick meals, and extra kids. It is time to get that back under control and create a money saving menu I’m going to try to go back to my original budget of just $85 a week.

My son runs cross country and plays soccer. My oldest daughter is in my marching band. They will have after school practices and will need snacks.

Breakfast is pretty low key around here. We have whatever is available, cereal, toast, egg, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, etc. Lunch is the same way. My kids will either eat what the school is serving or they will take a lunch. That generally includes sandwiches, chips, water, fruit, applesauce, graham crackers, yogurt, etc. Whatever we have on hand.

This week, I plan on my making my traditional back to school baked oatmeal for the kids. They love that stuff. I will post a recipe later this week on it. I usually make it the night before and they are begging for some for dessert. It generally lasts 2-3 days.

This weeks Menu:

We will need about 2 gallons of milk for the week, which will be about $4. Other than that, we basically drink water.

Baked Oatmeal $3
Eggs $3 for 30 pack
Toast $1.70 for a loaf of bread
Waffles $4.98 for a 24 pack (Won’t use it all this week)

Leftovers from dinner
Sandwiches $4 or lunch meat and bread

homemade Granola bars $3
Yogurt $4
Cheese and summer sausage $9

Hamburgers and fries
bbq chicken and potatoes
easy baked weekday enchiladas
meatloaf and baked potatoes
Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
Baked Spaghetti

Burgers and fries: I found ground beef on sale for $1.69/lb. I will need 1.5 pounds, buns, and a bag of fries for dinner. That will cost me under $6. I might through in some baked beans and corn that I have on hand for another $1 for a grand total of $7.
BBQ Chicken and Potatoes: I stocked up on chicken legs/thighs a couple weeks ago when it was on sale for just $0.59/lb. I will use 3 pounds to feed us. The same week, bbq sauce was on sale for just $.88/bottle! I can get an 8 pound bag of potatoes for just $3! I will use about half of that for this dinner. I will toss some butter and seasons on the potatoes and bake! For a grand total of: $5.85!
Easy Baked Weekday Enchiladas:  I will use 1 pound of ground beef that I found for $1.69. I packet of taco seasoning for $0.49. I jar of salsa at $1.69. I will use some shredded cheese for $2.22! This meal will cost about $6.09.
Meatloaf and Baked Potatoes: I will use 2 pounds of ground beef at $1.69/pound. Bread crumbs, an egg, ketchup, and seasonings. I will use the second half of potatoes at $1.50. We just use butter salt pepper and ranch on our potatoes. Final cost $5.88
Spaghetti and Garlic Bread: I will buy a bag of meatballs. This is a splurge item for us. My kids love meatballs. It will cost $4.58. I will 3 jars of sauce, 2 pounds of spaghetti noodles. I will buy a box of Texas toast garlic bread. The total cost of spaghetti will be $11.58! Sometimes, I add a can beans to this meal for about $0.50. Yes, spaghetti is our expensive meal, but I will get 2 dinners out of it and a couple of lunches!
Pizza: I will make homemade pizza crust for about $1.50. I will buy a pound of sausage for about $2. I will buy 3 cups of mozzarella cheese for $3. I will buy a jar of pizza sauce for $0.79. This will make us 2 pizza in a baking dish, one 9×13 cheese pizza and a 15×11 sausage pizza. Final cost about $6.50!
Baked Spaghetti: I will cut up the leftover meatballs into small bite size pieces. I will use the leftover pasta and sauce and mix it together and heat it up in a pan. Sometimes I will need to add an extra jar of sauce for $0.99. I will then add a 2 cup bag of mozzarella for $2.22. I serve with a box of Texas Toast Garlic Bread for $2. This meal will cost $5.21!


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