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I can hardly believe that summer is almost over. School starts in our area in just two weeks. This summer has gone by just way too fast. I can’t believe that it is time to start looking for those back to school clothes.

The fun summer brings makes my family smile. We love spending our days together. We love the longer days, the sunshine, and the outdoor fun. Even though my kids love school, leaving the freedom of summer behind makes us a little sad.

Getting to go shopping for new school clothes helps to make the transition is a little more fun. Going back to school is awesome new clothes surely puts smiles on my kids faces!

My kids love picking out new clothes that are full style and can be worn in many different ways. I love it when they can get different styles out of the same clothes. It makes my entire family smile because they are happy and we save money.

Are you looking for high style and quality? Are you looking for affordable prices? Are you looking for a fresh new look?

Have you heard? Gymboree has recently launched its completely new line. Gymboree has completely redesigned their brand. Everything is new. Gymboree’s new line is still kid friendly, with a modern twist. With the new line, kids have versatility to mix and match the clothes to create outfit styles that fit their own unique personalities.

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Don’t worry, with this new line of clothes, Gymboree wants to be known for their great quality, softness, and style. The quality and style we have grown to love over the years!

My son loves soft, warm T-shirts in the winter! I love the colors in their new Athletic Raglan Tees. They have such awesome bright vibrant colors. They are great for younger boys as well as older boys. These will be great for the winter months at school.


Gymboree claims their jeans are super soft, comfortable, and durable. They have several different designs and style to choose from.

Girls Jeans 

Boys Jeans


Don’t forget the shoes! These shoes are so cute! I wish they had them in my size. Seriously!

Metallic Striped Sneakers

Does your school have a strict dress code and need uniforms? Don’t worry Gymboree has you covered! They have an awesome line of school uniforms! Even their line of uniforms have been updated. They are soft, comfortable, and durable. They have many items to chose from so your student can build their own school approved wardrobe!

Uniform Shop 


Gymboree really is a one stop shop that is full of styles. Its really hard to pass up affordable clothing with amazing style and quality. With the versatility that Gymboree promises in this in redesigned line, your child is sure to find some mix and match styles that will match their personality! I’m sure they will be excited to show off their new finds to all their friends that first day back to school.

Hope you had a great summer and enjoy back to school shopping as much as I do!

With sizes from 0-14 you are sure to find something for everyone!

Thank you Gymboree for making us smile!

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