Spring time kid’s fashion at Gymboree. Follow Your Art!

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Spring is almost here! It has been a long and cold winter! I am excited for Spring! Spring is full of new ideas and possibilities! As a parent of a six-year-old girl who loves to shop, Spring clothes is one of our favorite things to shop for! She loves to pick out new clothes! Gymboree is one of her favorite stores to choose from!

My daughter loves to get creative with outfits! She loves to pick out new clothes for not only herself, but her brother, too! Here are a few of her favorites.

Floral Dot Dress                                                          Floral Sandals


Denim Jacket                                                             Flip Flop Tee


Heart Doodle Tee                                          Iridescent sneakers                                                      

Girl’s Zip-Cuff Pants                                                   Girl’s Colorful Leggings


Girl’s Bunny Ring & Earring Set                             Girl’s Bunny Necklace


Boy’s Colorblock Tee                                                     Boy’s Colorblock Sneakers


Boy’s Patchwork Shorts                                         Boy’s Pocket Polo


Boy’s Hooded Tee                                                Boy’s Raglan Hoodie



No matter their art, follow it! Kids are creative! I believe in letting kids be creative. I was really surprised at her choices! Sometimes, when she chooses her clothes at home, she looks likes boarding the hot mess express! These looks are not only adorable, but they seem to be a mix and match! Let your kids express their creative side, no matter what that may be and you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was! I love her choices, I don’t think I could have done better myself!


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