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5 things to do BEFORE Holiday Shopping!





  1. Make a budget!!
    I know, shopping isn’t as fun on a budget! Figure out a reasonable amount that you can afford to spend on the Holiday season this year! Stick to it!
  2.  Make a list and check it twice!
    Write down everyone you’d like to give a gift to this year. Jot down a couple of ideas and price range you’d like to stick to! This helps to remember everyone on your list and keeps you on budget!
  3. Who says you can’t start Christmas shopping the day after Christmas for the next year?
    Start shopping early!  Everyone knows that Black Friday is the day of good deals, but did you know that there are good deals all year round? Sometimes, you can get the same items during the summer for a fraction of the price! I have started Christmas shopping for the following year the day after Christmas one year! I found Christmas Pjs for about $1 a pair on clearance. I just bought a size up! I had my Christmas tradition purchased for the following year for a fraction of the price!
  4. Detailed Lists are your friend!
    If you start early, be sure to keep a list of everything you have on hand so that you don’t buy duplicates! Or end up with several more gifts than you planned for someone! Also, be sure to jot down the price you paid so you don’t go over budget!
  5. Make sure deals are good for you!
    Don’t buy something just because it is a good deal! I know the feeling, you see that item that is 75% but you’re not sure if you even have a purpose for it or anyone to give it to, it probably is not a good deal for you! There will be plenty mo

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