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Last Minute Twilight Sparkle Halloween Costume!

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UPDATE: I’ve gotten a few questions asking where I got the cape. It also comes with a mask, different from the one she is wearing

I got the cape here from amazon here for $7.79!
I got the mask she’s wearing from party city. It was only a $1-2!

Around noon today, my five year old announced she wanted to be Twilight Sparkle tonight for Halloween. She had decided about a month ago that she was going to be something from her dress up closet. She had her mind set on Anna until noon today.

We decided we would look for a purple sweatshirt and sweatpants at Walmart. They did not have any. So as we were wandering around the store, we were brainstorming different ideas. We came up with purple and pink yarn from the mane and tail. For warm clothes, we decided on a purple sweatshirt and pink sweatpants that we had at home.

She had the cape and mask already from her birthday party! She was excited and I spent $6!




Happy Halloween!

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