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5 meals that are better as leftovers

Leftovers. Love them or hate them, they are always a part of life. My family is not particularly fond of leftovers. However, in order to save myself some money and time, I try to have a leftover night ever 3-4 days. Especially on Tuesday nights. Tuesday nights are generally our busy nights.¬† I have a found a few meals that we make that my family doesn’t mind eating leftover. In fact, some would say they are better the next night.

  1. Lasagna
    Lasagna is one of those meals that is easy to make a little extra and use as leftovers the next day. We have found that lasagna actually tastes better sometimes on the second day.
  2.  Spaghetti
    While on the subject of pasta, we find spaghetti to be about the same as lasagna.
  3. Taco Meat
    Taco Meat is really easy to make extra on night to use as leftovers the next night. It can be beef, chicken, pork. It is all good and sometimes better the second night.
  4. Chili
    Let’s just face it, the longer chili sits, the better it is!
  5. Taco Pasta
    I found a recipe here that my entire family seems to enjoy. I usually double the recipe. We think it tastes just as good, if not better the second time around.

These are five meals that I know I can make and my extremely picky, non leftover friendly family will actually enjoy on a second night.

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